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Vehicles like heavy-duty pickup trucks typically pack big, powerful engines with a lot of torque. This is because they're designed to tow and haul things many times their own size and weight.

But smaller cars and smaller engines have a hard time towing big objects. They may not possess the torque and power necessary to properly move trailers, boats or other vehicles.

Like many of the items we've previously discussed, towing big objects creates an extra strain on the engine, and that strain can damage parts and result in reduced engine life. Towing across hills and tough roads can also cut big slices off your engine's life.

If you're concerned about what you can tow and what you can't, always consult your owners' manual. If you need to do some towing, make sure you have a vehicle than can handle the task at hand properly.

Besides towing, cutting back on the amount of weight you're carrying reduces the load on the engine. It also helps you get better gas mileage. In other words, try not to drive around with lots of boxes or heavy equipment in your car.

If you follow these steps and make a concerted effort to take care of your motor, you may save yourself a lot of money someday. You may even see other benefits too, like improved fuel economy and less wear on other car parts, like the transmission and brakes.

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